You still here?

October 17, 2010

Don’t know how many of you still come here. But, I finally decided to reopen GAE back over on blogspot. It’s easier to customize and since it’s fully legal, I won’t have to worry about takedown notices or anything. It was supposed to stay a secret, but a tweet from my twitterfeed slipped out, so no sense hiding it.


At some point, we all have to grow up, I suppose. As a writer, I can no longer be involved in these type of affairs. I am deeply grateful for all that GAE has done for myself and all of you until today and hopefully will leave at least a small impact on your life, even if indirectly through the music. I want to start to apply for real writing positions, and this can no longer be a stain on my personality to the professional world. I hope that the very least you understand why I am doing what I am doing, and that I will miss this and all of you so much.

I don’t believe that GAE is over. I do believe that publicly pirating music is, though. Within a few weeks, I will be lining up a bunch of reviews and interviews to reboot in a legitimate format. I’m going to keep it simple as I always have tried to. Just a few paragraphs for reviews and hopefully some interviews. As always, it’s just me here- matrocksteady. I understand if you stop coming, but I do hope you’ll stay. My regulars have become some of my greatest friends. I’ve even met a few of you! GAE is never over if you don’t let it. I hope to see you in a few weeks when I’m prepared to give this place a breath of fresh air.

I’m sorry and I really hope you understand that I love you all and how awesome the past few years have been for me spending it with you all. If we never chat again, I hope life gives you all it can. If I see you back in a few weeks, I’ll be more than pleased to continue in our friendship and musical sharings.

Stay posi and get one more earection in my name. See you in a few, guys.


P.S. If you are in a band/a promoter that e-mailed me within the past month about music, please e-mail me again. With things changing, I am in dire need of your bands music and your desire for me to promote it. I also deleted everything in my inbox for that whole ‘start fresh’ feeling. Also, if you are in a band/a promoter and want me to cover you, e-mail me. I want to.


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